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DIY Tips and Recommend Fix Auto in Whittier

Having a good fix auto for a damaged car can be done by yourself or by the help of recommended auto repair. This time, we will give solution for both of the previous choices.

 Fix Auto Body

fix auto body

For the first, we will go with the D.I.Y body repair. Here are the great 6 tips, which you should not miss.

1. Lighting

When you decide to fix your car body by yourself, then it means that you will need sufficient and good lighting and place of course. You need to make sure that your garage is having bright light. It is because the strong light will help you in illuminating every plane and crack of your car. Therefore, it will ease your work in repairing them.

2. Dents and scratches

Having several dents and scratches in your car must make you feel troubled as it can make your car looks terrible. If you want to have smooth surface again, then you can fill the dents and scratches with body filler and a mixing board.

3. Do not use your hand, but sanding tool

This tips is for when you want to repair dents, scratches, dings, or buffing out a new paint job. When it comes to those kinds of job, it will be better for you to use sanding tool rather than using your own hand. It is because sanding tool is able to give you better and more natural results. Sanding with the hand are often caused grooves and errors when people are not being careful with their hand.

4. Compressor and Paint Sprayer

When talking about repairing body car, it just means that you will need to fix and retouch some section of your car. In this case, you will need matched paint so that it will not cause the different color of your car. For a suggestion, it is better for you to just go straight to the manufacturer to know the paint of your car. In your D.I.Y project, you will need high-quality paint sprayer. It is even better to choose one product, which has a light so that it can give enough touch to apply few coats easily over several days.

5. Finishing glaze

When repairing your body car by yourself, having finishing glaze is one action, which you should not forget. This process can give you two kinds of benefits. First, if you have minor scratches or flaws in your pain coat, then finishing glaze will be able to get rid of them. Second, if you are having larger repairing project, finishing glaze become one important step you should have before you apply the final coats of paint. The purpose is of course to have a better finishing look.

6. Fixing windshield cracks

There are many things, which can cause a problem for the car. For example, chips in the paint are able to cause rust. On the other hand, chips in the windshield are able to spread out then become annoying damage. Therefore, when you realized this kind of problem, it is best to fix it immediately. For a suggestion, you can have picked up windshield repair kits, which uses resins. It works well to block the cracks or chips to cause even bigger damage.

Those are all the tips, which we can share if you want to fix you body car by yourself. On the other hand, you can also just send your car into the trusted auto repair. Below are the lists of best auto repair, especially in Whittier.

Fix Auto Whittier

fix auto whittier

1. Father & Son Transmission Specialists

In this auto repair company, you can choose many packages available. It ranges in different rice as well. For example, there is a bronze package, which will keep your vehicle in perfect working order. To enjoy this package, you need to pay from $85. The silver package is a bit more expensive, it starts from $135. This package can give you essential package for all vehicle maintenance. The next is a gold package. It can make sure that your vehicle is ready and in good condition for the year round. It costs from $185. The last one is a Platinum package, the most expensive one. It starts from $265. This package is suitable for any enthusiasts who want to have the best performance of their vehicle. If you are interested in this auto repair, you can come to 9127 Painter Ave #D, Whittier 90602 CA. On the other side, if you want to have further information first, you can contact this company through phone (562-696-2420) or through email ( This auto repair opens 5 days in a week, Monday to Friday every 8.30 AM until 5.00 PM.

2. Toyota Auto Repair

For other option of auto repair in Whittier, you can also choose this one. Toyota Auto Repair is located at 11841 Washington Blvd Whittier CA 90606. This auto repair can give the best service for any vehicle problems. Some of them are removing the dent, changing oil, repairing a flat tire, mounting a tire, balancing tire, rotating tire, flushing transmission, flushing cooling system, as well as cleaning fuel system. You can visit this auto repair 5 days in a week, from Monday to Friday. It opens from 9.00 AM until 5.00 PM.

3. Adam’s Auto Repair

For the last recommended auto repair in Whittier, Adam’s Auto Repair become one auto repair, which you should not doubt. From time to time, this auto repair already showed the great and satisfying result. Adam’s auto repair was established in 1992 and it is incorporated in California. It is privately held in Whittier and is a single location business. Until this time, it is estimated that this auto repair has 154260  annual revenue.

 This auto repair operated 6 days in a week. From Monday to Friday, it opens at 9.00 AM and closes at 6.00 PM. Meanwhile, on Saturday it opens at 9.00 AM and closes at 3.00 PM. This auto repair is located at 11506 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, California 90601. If you have further things to ask, you can also call the contact number. It is +1 562-699-2330.