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People have been wondering about a good auto shop in Ontario, and each time they ask me that question, I always point them towards the same place: Fix Auto Ontario. Located in 4930 Vanderbilt St, Ontario, this place, unlike many other auto shops all over Ontario, is a good auto shop with a certain distinguishing feature. While that feature is not known to many Ontario dwellers, that feature will certainly be a welcome one if it ever reaches the ears of the people of Ontario. What is that special feature?


So short a word, yet a strong advertising one as well. I do not know any other words that can advertise your products better than this one right here (the word ‘free’ does not count because you do not get any money from selling free stuff). Fix Auto Ontario, not like all of the other auto shops, will give you a certain warranty when a part of your car broke down after the repairs have been conducted on it.fix auto ontario

But warranties are a thing of the past, am I right? Many other auto shops have given them as well, so what makes the Fix Auto Ontario’s one so special?

The thing that makes it special is its length. Like I said before, warranty giving is not an extraordinary thing at this age, but what about a lifetime one? How many times have you encountered an auto shop that will give you a lifetime warranty on their stuff? I myself have encountered like, none of them. All of the auto shops I have visited aside from Fix Auto auto shops give warranties that will not stand for a lifetime.  Their warranties are also limited, making me regretful about my decision to visit those places in the first place. Fix Auto’s very own warranty might be a bit limited as well, but the lifetime length kind of makes it better to hear and to stomach.

Before you give a warranty to someone else about your craft, you need to be confident in it first. The lifetime warranty that Fix Auto gives certainly says for itself regarding the brand’s confidence, no?

Another distinguishing feature is their overall quality

I nearly forgot about this one.

Their work ethic is like no other when it comes to fixing your car. They know that car repairs tie directly with your and your family well-being. They know that if they half-heartedly fixed the car, your safety will not be guaranteed. All of their staffs are certified to fix your car and more, and the certification arrives from something called I-CAR, which is like the UN of car repairs.

Many auto shops will stop at staffing, but not Fix Auto. Fix Auto takes it to the next level by having their body shops all verified by VeriFacts. VeriFacts, obviously, is an organization that is known for verifying good body shops all over the country. They also got a person that acts like a foreman in each installment of Fix Auto, making it necessary for any Fix Auto installment to work at an expected level of competence.

Fix Auto Ontario, or any other Fix Auto near you, is certainly a credible auto shop as long as verification goes, so you should go visit it if you need to have your auto repaired in a jiffy.

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